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Foshan City Steel Extension Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a professional tree Cheng in early 2011, was established in Foshan, specialized companies for domestic and international manufacturers and traders, import and export customs clearance services and international trade business and domestic trade.

The company has set up a group of professional elite team, continuous innovation in the rapids of the international market, go ahead! Strong financial strength, excellent marketing team to enable enterprises to embark on the road of steady and rapid development. Domestic southwest of steel mills and many end users, the company is now established a long-standing good relations of cooperation, the 304 designated the sole agent of Southwestern Sichuan in southern China, business products including: 304 hot-rolled stainless steel coil and narrow-band coil, the company long equipped with adequate cash resources, can want to foreign customers want, for the foreign customers' needs, full range, price concessions, welcome foreign customers to inquire, negotiate.

As customers for God, depending on the quality of life, depending on the integrity of such wealth. Foshan steel extension, with a strong competitive advantage and excellent product quality, look forward to working with you to create excellent shared brilliant!